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Talking Time for first Review (Longish)


I have been here for nearly two months now, so I think its time for me write something about FH

I hopped at least 5 hosts in 60 days just to have a REAL look on their services, test their water and come out by canceling the contract (most of the time using 30 day refund ) and wasting few $$$. This includes popular hosts like lunarpages to little costlier hosts like Pair. Though this might sound little wired, it was imp for my site to be in reliable and honest people's hand.

My Final hop was to FH thro search on Internet and some good feedback and occasional controlled posts responses by FH Team on WHT. And with my short experience of 2 months, I would say I am very much satisfied and happy to be here. The earlier hops helped me to clearly distinguish the “quality” services FH provides.

What I liked

Human Support: First think that comes to mind when I think about FH is, Human Support. There are many hosting companies, which do give good support, but there are very rare companies that give human support at an individual level.

Speed: Apart from support most important parameter for me was “speed” and not the quantity of bandwidth as my site is in & out Photography site. To be honest, I was not expecting very good response times, as I had chosen the “value plan”. But to my surprise, site is getting positive reviews for its great speed! You can check out external feedback from techy webmaster guys at: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218241

Reliability: Touchwood , till I have not observed any downtime and I have people accessing it from different continents, there is always some one who’s accessing the site during different hours of the day.

Honesty & Business Ethics: Last to mention but the most important and the BEST experience I have received till now from any host (from my hopping experience). The best example I would give is my upgrade request. When I initiated a support request, to upgrade from value to premium plans, which nearly costs triple for the same specs. First, to my surprise, Dave asked for the reasons and after understanding the site needs I was advised that upgrade is not required! Now this is what I called honesty & Business Ethics

Okay, no one in the world is perfect, and so is FH What I would like to see handled differently, its more related to marketing and positioning of FH rather than on the service front

1. Though its not related to the service, FH positioning of Value, Vs premium gives me a feeling that Value plan is inferior rather than premium plan is premium. Due to this I still dream of migrating
2. Lack of marketing push. Now this is absolutely FH business on how to deal with it. But when I see it as a customer, or when I was signing up, I had a fear that I am signing up with “not so known” hosting provider….a host which I had not heard of

I hope, FH will continue to provide same quality in future, and my site will continue to stay at FH home

Cheers…for FH Team
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Thank you for your feedbacks on our service. I hope you will always enjoy your hosting experience with us and I hope you do not need to do host hopping again

We hope the marketing side of FH will be handled better in the coming new year. I am eagerly looking forward to a brighter year to come and a bigger and better Fluid Hosting
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